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Counselling Skills
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National Counselling Society

Reach Your Potential in Counselling

Do people turn to you for a sympathetic ear?

Do you work with them to find a solution to a problem? If so, there is a very good chance you have what it takes to be a great counsellor.

For many of us, the complex, fast-moving world we live in results in experiences that are difficult to understand and come to terms with. Counsellors can make a big difference in people’s lives by filling the role of an interested and concerned listener. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Any topic may come up which places demands on the counsellor to be objective and professional. As a counsellor you have to be able to establish a finely balanced relationship with your client, nurture it and, when the time is right, end it.

If you have an interest in this rewarding field that you would like to develop, the DCA Counselling Skills distance learning course is perfect. Using the DCA Course you’ll discover the qualities needed to be an effective counsellor, the various environments in which counselling skills takes place and the techniques used.

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, take the DCA Counselling Skills course for an engaging and rewarding learning experience.

Course Content Includes:
• The foundations of human behaviour
• Counselling tasks and competencies
• The aims of counselling
• The work of Sigmund Freud
• Awareness training
• The counselling relationship
• Role conflict

As a DCA student, your course fee covers everything you will need to successfully complete the Counselling Skills distance learning course and earn your diploma:

• All textbooks, study guides, and learning aids designed for distance learning
• A full range of student services, including on-line assessments
• A personalised diploma upon course completion
• Unlimited educational support by e-mail or freephone
• Free postage and packaging.

Students completing this course rated it: 
Study Materials 4.5 out of 5★★★★✭ 
Student Support 4.3 out of 5★★★★✭
Overall 4.4 out of 5★★★★✭

Get started today, and you can earn your Counselling Skills Diploma in as little as six months, or take up to two years, if you prefer – the choice is yours.

"This programme offered me more knowledge on the subject matter. I now have a better understanding of the field." — Amity S
I am very proud of myself and so is my family. I cannot wait for my diploma. I am so happy that I chose to study with Darnley Career Academy. Thank you all so much for all your assistance and answering my questions. — Josephina Sharpe
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