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Floral Design and Arrangements Course Outline

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Open learning improves career prospects and earnings

Study at home learning to work as a Florist.

If you want a career in Floristry, our tutor supported open distance learning Floral Design and Arrangements course provides the necessary knowledge, skills and qualification without disrupting your current lifestyle.

The DCA Home Learning Floral Design and Arrangements course provides training in the core skills needed to embark on a rewarding career as a Florist. The DCA supported self-study Floral Design and Arrangements course is specially designed, allowing you to learn the skills of Floral Design and Arrangements through flexible and cost-effective home study at your own time and pace.

With the DCA Home Learning Floral Design and Arrangements course your Student Advisor is a Freephone call away. What's more, because the distance learning Floral Design and Arangements course is so comprehensive, no prior knowledge or skills are required. The DCA Floral Design and Arrangements course provides an entry level diploma as proof our your competence and skills.

If you'd like to earn more money and enjoy working in Floral Design and Arrangements, the DCA home study course is the ideal distance learning training course for you.

Theory and Design
This module provides you with a background to floral design. It should be the catalyst for your creative development in the area of floral design.
The history of floral design
Design principles and elements
Harmony; unity; colour
Balance; proportion; scale
Line; form; space
Depth; texture; fragrance
Tools and containers
The mechanics of floral design
Focal point and rhythm

Basic Techniques and Styles
Understanding the structure of flowers will aid the designer in the selection and proper care of flowers.
Nomenclature and post-harvest physiology
Care and handling
Flower and foliage forms
Basic shapes of floral arrangements
Seasonal, holiday and special occasion designs
Flowers to wear
Everlasting flowers
Drying and preservation techniques
Corsage and boutonniere construction techniques
Understanding the floral holidays

Advanced Techniques and Styles
The retail aspect of floral design is emphasised here. To become a talented floral designer is to make a life-long commitment to learning.
The oriental style of design
Contemporary design styles and techniques
Wedding flower arrangements
Sympathy flower arrangements
Harvest and distribution
The retail flower shop
The retail aspect of floral design
Selling techniques, employee roles
The shop layout
Career opportunities in floral design
Thank you for an excellent course. I shall be looking to do another one very shortly. — Claire Gill
Thank you for your constant support and thoughts. Very much appreciated. — Donna Page
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