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Business – Higher National Certificate (HNC) Course Outline

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HNC Business Course Outline
The HNC Business consists of 5 modules each containing either one or two SQA units.

DCA Module 1

Unit 1- Communication: Analysing and Presenting Complex Communication (1 credit)
This unit is about responding to and presenting complex business communication. Whilst studying this unit students will: analyse complex written business information, produce complex written business documents and organise and participate in a formal meeting.

Unit 2- I.T: Application Software 1 (1 credit)
This unit is designed to enable students to use Information Technology (IT) systems and applications independently to support a range of information processing activities. The unit is intended to develop a broad knowledge of the theoretical concepts, principles, boundaries and scope of IT applications. These activities will be centred on using software applications packages to meet complex information requirements while paying attention to security and the needs of other users.

DCA Module 2

Unit 1- Managing People and Organisations (2 credits)
This unit is designed to enable students to gain an understanding of different approaches to managing an organisation in today’s dynamic and complex business environment. It will introduce students to current management theories to enable them to use these to evaluate organisational effectiveness.

Unit 2- Marketing: An Introduction (1 credit)
This unit is designed to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of marketing and its importance in organisations. This unit is also designed to develop students’ understanding of the marketing mix in the context of both products and services.

DCA Module 3

Unit 1- Economic Issues: An Introduction (1 credit)
This unit introduces students to fundamental issues in economics with a particular emphasis on the business environment. Students will learn about the basic economic problem and how the consumer and other economic agents address this problem. Students are introduced to the operation of markets and actions that can be taken to help avoid market failure. The unit introduces the theory of National Income and the circular flow of income model.

Unit 2- IT in Business: Spreadsheets (1 credit)
This unit is designed to allow students to develop an understanding of spreadsheet design and how to use spreadsheet features and functions for practical and effective use. Students will be able to develop their knowledge of spreadsheets as a tool to help provide solutions to common business problems. In studying this unit, students will: create a spreadsheet design to provide solutions for a business scenario, present spreadsheet data in graphical form and interpret the results and provide solutions to a business scenario using spreadsheet statistical functions.

DCA Module 4

Unit 1- Business Accounting (2 credits)
This unit is designed to enable students to develop their knowledge and understanding in the preparation and use of accounting information within a business organisation. Students will develop the skills required to prepare basic financial and management accounting reports and will also develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to interpret and use financial information for decision making.

DCA Module 5

Unit 1- Business Culture and Strategy (2 credits)
This unit is designed to enhance students' understanding of business strategy and how it can be developed and managed within the culture of an organisation. It highlights the dynamic nature of the business environment and the role that business strategy and organisational culture can play in improving the long-term performance of an organisation.

Unit 2- Business Graded Unit 1 (1 credit)
This Graded Unit is designed to utilise and test the knowledge and skills gained throughout the HNC Business.

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