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Pet grooming training courses are growing in popularity as the demand for pet grooming increases. DCA Home Learning courses are a flexible alternative to traditional pet grooming training courses because you can learn direct from home.

Unlike traditional pet grooming training courses, the DCA Home Learning Pet Grooming course allows you to study at your own pace from the comfort of home. Most pet grooming training courses require you to attend classes but with DCA all of your materials are delivered to your home.

Take a different approach to your pet grooming training and enrol with DCA home learning today!

Pet Grooming
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Pet grooming training courses on the increase!

Turn your love of animals into a rewarding, enjoyable career.

Pet grooming training courses are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for pet groomers grows. Traditional pet grooming training courses have fixed start dates and require college attendance but with DCA Home Learning you can study at your own pace from the comfort of home!

Whether your goal is to develop a hobby and care for pets at home, or a complete career change, the DCA Pet Grooming Course is one of the most flexible and affordable pet grooming training courses within the UK. Once you have completed your Diploma you could become a pet groomer working in a salon, a pet shop or boarding kennels or working from home visiting clients.

Enrol now, and you can earn your Pet Grooming Diploma in as little as six months, or take up to two years, if you prefer the choice is yours.

Call 0800 678 1052 and speak with a course advisor today. Enrol now!

The Pet Grooming Course Outline covers:

Recognition of different dog & cat breeds
Coat types
Bathing and drying
Brushes, clippers and other tools
Grooming methods
Coat and skin problems

As a DCA student, your course fee covers everything you will need to successfully complete the Pet Grooming home study course and earn your diploma:

Textbooks are provided as you progress through each module
* study guides, and learning materials are specially designed for home study
A full range of student services, including on-line assessments
A personalised diploma upon course completion
Unlimited access to course advisors and by e-mail or freephone
Free postage and packaging.

"I have worked with dogs and cats for the past 14 years and I wanted to develop my career further." — Karen Lowther
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