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Pet grooming training courses are growing in popularity as the demand for pet grooming increases. DCA Home Learning courses are a flexible alternative to traditional pet grooming training courses because you can learn direct from home.

Unlike traditional pet grooming training courses, the DCA Home Learning Pet Grooming course allows you to study at your own pace from the comfort of home. Most pet grooming training courses require you to attend classes but with DCA all of your materials are delivered to your home.

Take a different approach to your pet grooming training and enrol with DCA home learning today!

Pet Grooming Course Outline

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Pet grooming training courses are in demand

Study at home to become a Pet Groomer!

If you want to be involved in Pet Grooming, perhaps as a job or as a hobby, our supported home learning Pet Grooming course provides the necessary underpinning knowledge, skills and qualification without disrupting your current lifestyle.

The DCA Home Learning Pet Grooming course is more flexible than most pet grooming training courses, providing a foundation in the basic skills needed to embark on a rewarding career as a Pet Groomer. Unlike traditional pet grooming training courses, the DCA supported self-study Pet Grooming course allows you to learn at your own pace. There are no classes to attend and you can fit your studies around your job or lifestyle.

With the DCA Home Learning Pet Grooming course your Student Service team is a Freephone call away. What's more, because the distance learning Pet Grooming course is comprehensive, no prior knowledge or skills are required. The DCA Pet Grooming course provides an entry level diploma as proof of your competence and skills.

If you'd like to work in Pet Grooming, training pet owners how to groom or simply offering a professional pet grooming service, then the DCA Home Learning study course is ideal for you. Once you complete the course we will send you a booklet on the basics of starting your own business with our compliments, free of charge.

Grooming Basics:
Coat types
Healthy coats
Nutrition, housing, exercise
Routine care
Bathing and drying
Grooming parlours

Professional Grooming business considerations:
Keeping records

Buying equipment:
Protective clothing
Cleaning products
Brushes, clippers and other tools

The well-groomed dog and cat:
Bathing and drying
Grooming methods
Nails and claws, ears, eyes and teeth
Coat and skin problems
Handling difficult situations

Grooming for Specific Breeds:
Recognising different dog breeds
Recognising different cat breeds
Grooming and maintenance needs for specific breeds

NOTE: Some students may prefer to study for a Certificate in Animal Care. The course we offer in association with Barony College covers the theoretical requirements for a Level 2 SVQ in Animal Care

This home study course is specifically designed to serve as in introduction or enhancement of the theoretical knowledge required for the vocational application of this subject. It is intended to help individuals in the furtherance of their vocational training and is not intended as a substitute for licensing or certification requirements, which may include an apprenticeship or additional training.
"I have worked with dogs and cats for the past 14 years and I wanted to develop my career further." — Karen Lowther
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