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DCA Home Learning: Professional Proofreading Course Outline

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Open learning improves career prospects and earnings

Study at home learning to become a Professional Proofreader.

If you want a career as a Professional Proofreader, our tutor supported open distance learning Professional Proofreading course provides the necessary knowledge, skills and qualification without disrupting your current lifestyle.

The DCA Home Learning Professional Proofreading course provides training in the core skills needed to embark on a rewarding career as a Proofreader. The DCA supported self-study Professional Proofreading course is specially designed, allowing you to learn the skills of proofreading through flexible and cost-effective home study at your own time and pace.

With the DCA Home Learning Professional Proofreading course, online study resources and a personal tutor are available to guide you throughout the course, and your Student Advisor is a Freephone call away. What's more, because the distance learning Professional Proofreading course is so comprehensive, no prior knowledge or skills are required. The DCA Professional Proofreading course provides an entry level diploma as proof your competence and skills.

If you'd like to earn more money and enjoy working as a Professional Proofreader, the DCA home study course is the ideal distance learning training course for you.

English skills
Words, the building blocks of language
Sentences, the road maps of language
Common mistakes
Reading skills
Writing skills

Editing precision part one
The importance of proofreading
Methods of proofreading
Proofreading applications
Word division
Rough drafts
Sentence construction errors
Number expression errors
Spelling errors

Editing precision part two
The importance of punctuation
Commas and full stops
Question marks and exclamation marks
Letters and memos
Job search documents
Content, clarity and conciseness
Editing on a computer
Computerised proofreading applications
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